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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If I did this more than every six months!!!!!

O.k so let me start off by saying that yes, I am aware that I am not on top of things when it comes to blogging- and no I'm probably not going to get any better.
Sawyer and Laine both had birthdays in April so lots of parties to celebrate Sawyer is 3 and Laine is 5--- I know crazy!!!!

On Laine's birthday she went to lunch with two of her friends it was lots of fun!!

So the next group of pics were actually a week after Easter but it was so cold on Easter weekend that we waited until it got warm to roll easter eggs and have a picnic. Brando knew of a great spot where there were lots of awesome egg rolling hills. The kids had sooo much fun climbing hills and dragging Dad up the hill. We had bbq and flew kites and like I said
Lots and lots of climbing!!!

Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Jensens house.
It was pretty fun watching the kids look for Easter eggs this year. Talmage is a little taller and could find them a lot easier this year although he had a few challenges and Sawyer was awesome at finding them the little stinker would find them all before you could even turn around and Laine bless her heart it's a good thing she's cute because she almost had to trip over the Easter eggs to find them!!! They crack me up my cute kids!!

Sawyer and his CARS cake. He loved the cake he would just sit by the table with the cake on it and say "just a little taste?" and then he would try to move the cars on the cake and say "stuck" pretty dang funny!

I'm THREE!!!!!

Easter Morning 2010

Coloring Easter eggs!

Easter egg hunt at capitol Reef 2010

The cousins came to visit a few days over spring break so of course good weather means "MONKEY TREE" My kids loves going down to Capitol Reef and playing on the Monkey Tree, it's a pretty cool tree if I might add.

Talmage at the "Spring Review"He was so funny the night before he could hardly sleep he was so nervous about singing and dancing in front of a big crowd that little clown he was so funny and I'm pretty sure he wasn't nervous AT ALL!!!!! I love this kind of stuff:) and sorry about the pic my camera was doing some funny stuff so the pictures not that great. Tal is the one in green.

O.K. so I'll try to do better next time and not wait six months to update!!!HAHA LOL LOL WHATEVER!!!!!