Our Family

"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Then and Now"

We had our annual college friend Christmas party on Jan. 3rd. It was lots of fun! We started this after we left Cedar City and it was hard to get together. Chris actually was the spearhead of the whole thing up until last year-the first year after he got married (and the first year we missed having the party) I guess he had other things going on in his life besides us-go figure:). We had a good turn out of the old gang-those of you that couldn't make it were missed.This picture was taken at one of our Christmas parties down in Cedar in 1998. We've changed just a little bit! We thought we were sooo cool!
Here we are now and we still think we're sooo cool! There have been a few changes - additions to this picture the "next generation" kind of crazy that there's more kids than adults but GREAT! We hope we continue to do this for lots of years:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas take two- Jensen side

O.K. I know I am really getting carried away here with my new posts, but we had such a great Christmas holiday that it's hard to know were to begin and were to end! We spent lots of time with all of our family and truly had a wonderful time! Pictures are a bit fuzzy- sorry. Aunt Nona opening her present from us
Laine in her princess outfit plus her new sweater! Stinkin Cute!
Talmage got a new sleeping bag- lots of camping this summer.
Talmage would kind-of groan when he opened presents that were clothes-Sawyer could care less he was just having fun ripping paper:) Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jensen and Aunt Nona.

Fun in the Snow!

READY....AIM.....FIRE!!!!!! Shooting guns and sleigh riding is pretty much day after Christmas tradition. Brandon tells me they had lots of fun.(I was stuck home with the yucks) Look at Tal and his Nerf gun holding his own with the big boys!

Come on laura make us proud!

Way to go Dad! Kid at heart!

Watch out Sethy here comes Laine!

These pictures are mixed up but Tal is doing his thing and WIPE OUT!

Ready or Not!

Hey forget the sleigh riding bring on the snow-it's good stuff!
All the kids big and small had a great Christmas this year! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Family that we get to spend time with. It was great having Dad and Marcia home from their mission for the holidays. We're so grateful for the Savior and the wonderful gifts he has given us! It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle when really the best part is being with family and remembering others! Thanks Dad and Marcia for letting us spend it with you at your house. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

Lyman Christmas Party!

Say Cheese!!!!!
Dennis, Laura and Marcia playing the present game.

Strike a pose Laine! She loves getting her picture taken:)

Hey wow look what Sawyer got! Hey Greg nice scarf! It's always fun to see what random gift you'll get.

Talmage and Dayton were Grandpa's buddies- both sitting on his lap during the game! I think Grandpa's trying to convince Dayt that a pizza cutter's a cool present:) He traded later!
We had lots of fun! We tried to play a different present pass game this year and we decided that we're just too nice to play this way! Nobody would steal from anybody else! Hey but I'm not complaining I ended up with the grand prize so worked for me:)

Christmas Morning

This is actually a picture of our family Christmas party that afternoon!
The kids were spoiled from Santa and everybody else. They had so much fun opening presents. I think Tal kind-of takes after his Mom he gets them opened in ten seconds flat!
All the kids got guitars this year- What was Santa thinking! They have had so much fun with them. Lots of Rock concerts at our house!

Laine got the Barbie karaoke guitar so she's the lead singer in the Jensen rock band.

Talmage is ready for lessons! Maybe he'll take after his Great Grandpa Talmage and have a natural talent for it.

Christmas Eve at Great Grandma's

Talmage, Laine and Sawyer got books from Grandma on Christmas eve! She's given them a Christmas book every Christmas Eve (or close to it) Since Tal was a babe! They love it!!

We opened presents with Great Grandma on Christmas Eve before heading over to Fayette for Christmas!

Thurber Ward Christmas Party

Talmage, Laine and Sawyer posing in front of the tree the Y.W. decorated- Lets just say I think next year the Y.W. will do new decorations:)-not a lot to work with but they had fun! Sawyer loves to pose for the camera. If he hears "say cheese" he gets a big smile and the eyes automatically close, Such a crack-up.
Hey at least he's on his lap! I sometimes wonder what we're doing to our poor kids by making them sit on Santa's lap- we constantly teach them not to talk to strangers but here sit on the lap of this hairy guy in a funny red suit. But regardless of what it looks like we love Santa and Sawyer walked around all month saying "ho ho ho" really cute and quite a mile stone because unlike the other two he's not our talker:)
Laine and Talmage going over their list with Santa!

Talmage "The best little star holder ever- o'h wait is it a star? He's flying it like an airplane through out the entire program." Boys will be boys-right? We had lots of fun at the party and we look forward to it every year!

Christmas operetta

Talmage singing his heart out at the operetta!
Tamage had his first Christmas school operetta! He was the star of the show!(atleast in my eyes). They sang Jingle Bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas. He did such a good job:)