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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Monday, August 25, 2008

Talmage's first day of Kindergarten!!!!

What a big kindergartner!!!!!Talmage's first day of school. Brandon and I took him to school and he was so excited to be there it didn't matter who went with him! His teacher is Miss Davis and he thinks she's great. He looks so cute and such a big boy!
We got to the school, Talmage walked in and got right down to business-meanwhile Mom is outside the door holding back tears because my baby is in kindergarten!
He got off the bus and Brando was there to pick him up and take him home on the motorcycle. Talmage was all smiles he loves school!!


Laine, Anya, Haven, Talmage and Dayton heading down to look at the fish.
Rolling down the hills at Grandpa Jensen's fish hatchery!
More Rolling!!!
A tour of the new spawn trailer.
Sawyer and Havie

Wayne County Fair

The theme for the fair this year was building family memories-So my Young Women came up with the idea of a family road trip. Brandon made us an awesome sign and we found the best car for the trip...... This is the sign Brando made for us "Building family memories mile by mile"
This beauty is the car we found for the trip-She's a beauty! "reminds me of our old station wag when I was REALLY young!" Notice Grandma on the roof HA!HA!
We had Dayton, Havie and Anya with us for the weekend it was a lot of fun having them for the parade-Talmage and Laine love to have cousins come and stay:) They got so much candy that it wasn't even funny-I guess that's what happens when you're the cutest kids at the fair!
They have a place for memorial flags for all the veterans in the war.It was really a cool thing.
All the kids wanted to climb on the big tractors they had on display, Brando wanted to climb up to but it was too hard with the back pack on! Poor Brando:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jensen Camp

Jensen Family Camp 2008Talmage and Laine were so excited to go on this hike because they were pretty sure that we would come across a bear! No bears (thank goodness) but we did see a lot of really pretty country!
Brandon made the kids a teeter totter-What a Dad!
Talmage looked so cute playing his game-He was oblivious to anything going on around him:)
Laine and her strong muscles helping G-ma carry a pole to the stack!
SOOOOOOOOOO BIG!! Sawyer climbing on old tree stumps-the little dare devil!

Pioneer Day!

I know I am so slow at posting things this last month. I didn't want to skip over fun things so we'll go back in time for just a little bit. 24th of July in Bicknell-We had a parade and fun games at the park. Good Times! Talmage and his buddy Trevor walking in the parade-they were pretty cool with their guns!
Brandon on the only kind of horse he'll probably ever get on! Laine in her cute little pioneer dress and Sawyer all dressed up for the parade.

Soccer Camp!!!!

Talmage was in a 4H soccer camp this summer. He had so much fun! His coaches were great and Talmage was a natural at it!:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All about ME!!!!!!

Talmage has been tagged by Anya. He answered all these questions by himself! Pretty cute:)
Age: Almost 6 (Oct 28)
Nicknames: Tal, Monkey
Favorite activity(ies): Swimming, playing with friends and cousins, watching cartoons, playing disney video games, camping and fishing and hiking and hunting.
Favorite food(s): Pizza, Chicken on the bone, popsicles, apples, plums
Least favorite food(s): tomato
Favorite music: Cotton eyed Joe, Scooby Doo songs, primary songs
Favorite Movie: Scooby Doo
Favorite toy(s): Army men, Dinosaurs, sword,
Favorite book(s): Dinosaur Book
Favorite items of clothing: Old, Old,Old dinosaur shirt, Superman shirt, comfy pants.
What makes me happy: When Mom reads me books, and playing Mom and Dad games(life).
What makes me sad:When Laine throws toys at me,
THANKS ONI- THAT WAS FUN!!! Talmage tags anyone who wants to do this!