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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wellness Works Marithon 2009

Hurray for my kids and Brando they were such good sports and did the Marathon last Saturday. It was so cold but there was still a really good turn out. I had to help set up and do registrations so Brando took the kids .All bundled up ready to go. Laine did walk some but it was too cold she needed the blanket:)
Talmage pushing the stroller what a strong boy!! Dude did you get your tickets? HA HA!!

At the finish line they had hot chocolate and Gatorade for all who participated. Talmage took first in his age- he was the only one his age but who cares, just goes to show his awesomeness for going:)

4/3/09-Sawyers actual Birthday!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Big Guy hard to believe he's two!!! Well except in action:)he's definitly a two year old that way. Sawyer is full of spunk and we love it!!
We all had work and school that day so that night we has some good friends of ours( The Stevens) come over and have shakes and just play for a little while.

Here we are just enjoying the company.

Sawyer got one last present on his actual B-day and it was books:) This bag has made its way around my family it's kind-of tradition to pass it on to the next birthday person. It will be a sad day when the bag makes it's final round:) But thats not for a long time it's still in mint condition.

Just a cute picture:)

Birthday Party!!!

We had a Birthday Party for Laine, Sawyer and Anya at our house on March 28th. Sawyers Birthday is April 3rd and Laine's Birthday is April 12th(Easter this year) so we had to plan a party when everyone could make it! April is a pretty busy month for everyone:)Sawyer got lots of cars, balls and a basketball hoop and of course cloths-he doesn't really care about clothes but I love them!!
Slam Dunk!!

And he shoots and he scores! The crowd goes wild!!!!!!

The first present he opened and it was hard to get him to move on to the next one-He wanted to play!!

Laine got footy Jammies from
Aunt Lala (she has wanted them forever, she tries to
wear Sawyers and they're a little snug) Thanks Aunt Lala.
Unlike Sawyer Laine is all about the clothes!!! She loves them and to prove it she changes her outfit about three times a day or more!!

Her new hat with a pink flower Love It!!!!!!

All the Birthday monkeys waiting to open presents!

Sawyer wanted a ball cake so here's a bunch. Talmage was great at helping Sawyer blow out his candles.

Laine wanted to have a Dora cake so this is Dora's flower garden.(I'm not that great at the cake thing so Dora was a little out of my field:)).
I know they all had a good time and thank you everyone that came to celebrate their special days with them and thanks for the gifts very nice of you all and the kids love them!!