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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tell Jensen Family reunion 2009

This is my Moms side of the family. We had our Jensen family reunion in Fishlake. It was so much fun seeing family that I don't get to see very often. We were still missing a few but maybe next year:) Thanks to everyone my Aunts and Uncles that work so hard to put this together it was a lot of fun and we look forward to next years:)
They had lots of fun games for the kids and 2 pinatas for the kids. Sawyer getting ready for his turn.

Talmage with whats left of the pinata:)

All the kids going for the candy!

Waiting for their turn to hit a hole in the pinata:) Lots of fun!!!!

Lyman camp 2009

We camped up twelve mile in a spot that we haven't camped in for probably over ten years. It was a great spot!!!
Talmage climbing the camel. He is getting more handsome everyday and such a good boy:)

Laine and Talmage up on Camel Rock!!
Brando and the kids getting ready to fish:)

Covered in dirt from head to toe and still as beautiful as ever as she trikes a pose!

Lyman camp 2009

Laine Bug and Havie just chillin eatin their parade candy! (BFF's)
The catch! The only catch of the trip no matter what my brothers say about the "ones that got away" Yea Right!!!!
Seth holding the precious catch:)

Eating yummy breakfast- We love camp!!!!

Getting ready for the "corner".
We didn't have enough helmets and Brando had forgotten to get his fishing licence so on the next day of camp Brando and I had to go down to Gunnison to pick up a few essentials ya know like license and helmets. When we went to pick up Brando's fishing license Ace told us that the computers were down-What! Are you kidding me?!! So we went down to freedom ford and ended up buying Tal and Laine new helmets and Brando said; "let's just try one more time to get a fishing license and maybe in the last 15 min. the computers are back up" and what do you know it wasn't a wasted trip after all, he got his license and the kids got new helmets and all was good, we made it back and only missed out on three hours of the camping trip. I didn't even shower when we went down. Our kids are getting older and camping this year was sooo much fun-no getting up with babies, Sawyer is older now and doesn't eat everything he can get his hands on. We all could go on the rides and hikes it was just so much fun!! Time flies when your having fun and time flew!!!!!

Sawyer and Mason going on their own 4-wheeler ride. Best Buddies!!! It is so fun having lots of cousins all the same age. Sorry Seth and Haylie but you had way fun Aunts and Uncles when you were little so it's all good:)

We went to Gunnison for the 4th of July parade and celebration. After that we left to head up to the mountains for the annual Lyman camp. We had lots of fun with family and look forward to next year when Grandpa Lyman will be home from the mission and can be with us!Candy! Candy! Candy!
Laine was a go getter this year-Wow how they change from year to year, last year she was too shy to really go for the candy on the street, this year watch out there was no stopping her:)

Tal acting silly as always:)

Group shot of almost all the grand kids-missing Haylie and Seth (they were in the parade)

Me and my Soy Boy!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A lot has happend in the last two months:)

O.k. So I know I said last time that I was going to be better at this but a lot has happened in the last two months. We have moved to a different house-(no not our own we still haven't built) although we have practically remodeled this whole house and it is pretty cute if I must say so myself:)But like I said we have been pretty busy as you'll find out with the rest of my blog. I've tried to catch up with the last two months and that's just the highlights that I remembered to bring my camera to.
Sulfur Creek July 1, 2009
The Moms
Marie, Steph and Millie
The kidsToday was a perfect day to play in the water. We stopped at subway and picked up sandwiches for a little picnic and then headed to the park to play in Sulfur Creek with the kiddo's

The waters not very deep so the kids can run around and splash and play without too much worry for the wee ones:)

Sawyer looks like he's up to something- better watch out or he'll tip ya over:)

This is the only picture I got of Laine because my card was full, but Millie took more so I'll have to get them from her. It was such a fun day and the kids had a blast:)!!!

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!Last Friday it rained so hard here the streets were literally flooded.

The kids had lots of fun running in the puddles. They couldn't believe I was letting them do it! They played until they were too cold to move:)

Fathers Day 2009For Fathers Day we decided after church to take a little picnic to Bryce Canyon it was so pretty and tons of fun:)

Warning Crazy Kids!!! My kids crack me up- they are so much fun a little out of control but I wouldn't change them for anything:)

O.K. so freaking out a bit with all the cliffs and ledges!!!

Notice no pants on Sawyer- you'd think that I would learn by my third kid to pack an extra pair of pant naw we'll just go full diaper:)

Brando, Richard and Talmage, Laine and Sawyer.

Brandon is the best husband and the greatest Dad I could ever ask for my children. He is so good to help and play and spend as much of his free time with them that he can. I am so grateful that I have a husband that values being a husband and Dad above all else. He is the most unselfish person I know, I love him soo much! Happy Fathers Day you're the best!!!

Girls Camp June 2009

This is my first year doing girls camp with Thurber Ward- I've been in Y.W. for over two years but last year we did the trek so we missed camp. The girls are awesome and it was sooo much fun. There was such a great spirit up there and you get to know the girls on a much deeper level. I love Young Women's and all the girls and leaders I work with, it is seriously one of the busiest, best most fulfilling callings I've ever had! Thurber Ward Girls Rock!!!!!!

West End Boulder June 12-13, 2009

First camp out of the yearBrando and his Dad doing one of the things they love cooking out doors.

We took a rainy hike to a little pond

Laine, Tal and Sawyer helping Aunt Nona cut watermelon. It was cold and wet but still lots of fun. We look forward to more camping trips this summer:)

Baseball may-june 2009

Talmage playing his first year of coach pitch baseballHaving a try at catcher- It is raining pretty good this game but he's a good sport and sticks it out- Way to go Tal!

Talmage got his first hit:)

Laine's first year at T-Ball. She did great, so ambitious..

Look out Heavy Hitter

Look at that form-she's a natural:)

A lot has happend Con't......

Sawyer brushing his teeth!!!He is such a sweet boy. I love him so much:)
All done. Good job big guy:)

Story Time at the Library June 2009
Laine and her friend Savannah at story time in their dance outfits.

Laine getting her picture taken with a real ballerina. For story time this year the theme "Be creative" Faun the librarian puts so much time and effort into it each week and my kids love it! Laine loved it this week especially since she got to dress up in dance clothes and watch a ballet.

Laine waiting to get her picture taken with a real princess ballerina. Talmage didn't love this one quite as much as Laine Bug:)

Rock Concert at our house!!Dayton came and stayed at our house for a few days after school got out. The kids had lots of fun playing. They came upstairs one day and told me they had a show for me and they put on a "Rock Concert" it was awesome. Sawyer and Brando were in the crowd cheering them on!

Laine on base and vocals, Talmage on drums and Dayton on guitar. They totally rocked the house!!!!

Kamryn Marie Lyman -April 6, 2009
Bryan and Katie got a new baby girl-she is so cute and totally named after me!!!:)

Seth graduated from High School!!May 2009

School Hike May 18, 2009Talmage and his kindergarten class on the school hike at capitol Reef

This picture is a little out of order but after they saw the snake which is the next picture Talmage is freaking out saying "This is serious Mom we shouldn't ever get close to a snake because we don't know if it's poisonous or not" He was not loving that all the other kids were trying to chase and pick it up:)


Ms. Davis let the kids get off the path and go under the culvert. Tal thought that was pretty cool:)