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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
-Alma 37:6

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May happenings!! 2010

Saturday we hiked "Hickman's Bridge" It was so much fun and surprising how much easier it is without having a child in the backpack or snugglie:) This was the first year that Sawyer hiked the whole thing on his own and we had to practically run to keep up with him.

Talmage at his art show. The elementary put on an Art Night to show off some of the art projects that the students have been working on this year. Talmage's class worked with pottery and they all made a pot. They also drew pictures and displayed pictures and stories from the first of the year to the end of the year-pretty amazing how much they grow and learn!!

This is how I let my three year old play outside with pajama top, diaper, and high heals O'h and don't forget the sword! And yes it makes me really sad that I have to include diaper on my stubborn 3 year old!!!!!!! Any tips or ideas??

The newest baby cousin "Greyson Gregory Lyman" Soo cute!!!

Laine's spring dance recital. I couldn't get my camera to focus and flash right so the pics are not very good- I've decided that anything that's in a gym or auditorium I can just forget good pictures. Laine danced two dances one to "Lolly pop" and the other to "You've got a friend in me". It was really cute and she did such a good job!!!!


Rose said...

You guys have so many fun places close by to go hike. As for the potty training, both of my boys took forever, but it finally did happen. Just hang in there.

Jessica said...

Two post in a month!! I am so proud of you, I love all the updates of your cute family. Lainey is going to be a knock out when she gets older. As far as the potty training..my friend showed me Potty Training in 3 Days. It worked for Leah. It was awesome. Good Luck! If you want more info, just call or I can send you the link!

Richard and Teona said...

I have the cutest kids in the whole wide world!! love the pictures. Love you guys!

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